Price: $15,995

Year 2019


Model CLA

Trim CLA 250 COUPE 4D

Drivetrain FWD

Transmission AUTOMATIC

Engine 4-CYL, TURBO, 2.0 LITER

Mileage 104,442

Doors 4

Exterior Color BLACK

Interior Color BLACK


Stock No. 6530

Vehicle Equipment

Vehicle Description

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🌟 Introducing the Epitome of Luxury - The 2019 Mercedes-Benz CLA 250! 🌟

Your journey into a world of unparalleled luxury and uncompromising performance begins here, with a vehicle that’s much more than just a means of transportation. Welcome to the domain of the 2019 Mercedes-Benz CLA 250, where every ride is an intimate experience with exquisite craftsmanship, robust power, and avant-garde technology.

🚗 A Sculpture of Aesthetic Magnificence 🚗
Bearing the iconic star, the CLA 250 is a beacon of modern design, melding sporty elegance with a luxurious presence that captivates at first glance. Its dynamic contours, expressive headlights, and meticulously crafted details present a visual spectacle, transforming every journey into a stylish parade.

🚀 Seamless Fusion of Power and Elegance 🚀
Lurking beneath its sleek exterior lies a powerhouse, ready to catapult you into a world where speed, power, and agility coalesce to create a driving experience that is utterly exhilarating. The CLA 250 doesn’t just drive; it glides, ensuring every journey is not merely traveled but truly lived.

🎨 A Masterpiece of Interior Design 🎨
Step into a realm where luxury is tangible. The interior of the CLA 250 is a sanctuary of opulence, with every element, from the plush leather seats to the ambient lighting, meticulously crafted to cocoon you in sheer luxury. Here, every journey becomes a sensory experience, whispering tales of elegance and sophistication.

💻 Innovation at Your Fingertips 💻
Be at the helm of innovative technology designed to intuitively respond to your command. With an array of futuristic features, the CLA 250 ensures you remain connected, entertained, and guided, curating an environment where every interaction is effortlessly seamless.

🛑 Guardian of Your Safety 🛑
Navigate with serene confidence, for the CLA 250 is equipped with a suite of advanced safety technologies, ensuring your well-being is always prioritized. With vigilant sensors and protective mechanisms, your safety is never compromised, allowing you to explore with unwavering assurance.

✨ Your Journey into Luxury Begins Now ✨
The 2019 Mercedes-Benz CLA 250 isn’t simply a vehicle; it is an expression of your refined tastes, a testament to your journey towards unparalleled luxury and robust performance. Engage with a driving companion that mirrors your pursuit of perfection and sophistication.

🎁 Unlock Exclusive Ownership Packages 🎁
Immerse yourself in an aura of exclusivity with our bespoke ownership packages, crafted to elevate your Mercedes-Benz experience. Benefit from a realm of privileges, from personalized services to exceptional offers, as you make the CLA 250 your own.

📞 Embark on a Journey with the CLA 250 📞
Engage with the epitome of luxury and performance. Visit Olympic Auto Sales to witness firsthand the enchanting allure of the 2019 Mercedes-Benz CLA 250. Allow us to curate a world where your driving experiences are nothing short of extraordinary.

Let’s navigate the paths of sophisticated driving together. Reach out to us at 404-299-6566 and step into a world meticulously crafted for connoisseurs like you.

*This vehicle is Certified Pre-Owned and is eligible for our third party warranty program. 

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